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As a recruitment manager in a small, medium-sized or large company, or as a recruitment manager in a specialist recruitment agency, you may find it difficult to find new candidates, or simply to communicate with them, or even with your own staff in the field. That’s where TIMEKO comes in – a messaging system that lets you securely send a message to your entire team or to a group of candidates at the click of a button. They can easily respond with a simple “YES” or “NO”, which is automatically categorized for you. With TIMEKO, you can save up to 6 hours a week in your recruitment and communication processes!

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An innovative tool for recruiters and human resources !

TIMEKO is a versatile tool that can be valuable in several ways. It can help with recruiting and facilitate communication with your field employees or remote teams. Additionally, it can assist with schedule management, handling emergencies, and replacing absent staff.

Our team of developers designed TIMEKO with an ergonomic and user-friendly interface, ensuring data security and compliance with GDPR regulations. The simplicity of its concept aims to save users time. With TIMEKO, you can save time when composing your messages. You have the option to create message templates that you can easily select based on your needs. Furthermore, you can send your message to your employees or candidates via email, SMS, or soon through WhatsApp with just one click. Recipients can respond with a simple YES/NO or provide a more detailed response if necessary. The system automatically categorizes responses and provides an overview of the replies. If needed, you can respond to each recipient individually.

Overall, TIMEKO allows you to efficiently manage your expenses, especially when it comes to sending SMS messages. You can set a quota for the number of messages that can be sent and specify the maximum length of each message. To start using TIMEKO, simply contact us to schedule a demonstration. Then, you can access the web interface and install the Chrome or Firefox extension.

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