Mass text messaging

Discover our mass SMS messaging solution with answer management!

Are you a professional in the temporary employment, transport or construction sectors who wants to save time in your day-to-day communications?

Discover TIMEKO, the multi-channel mass messaging solution (sms, email, WhatsApp coming soon) that enables you to obtain responses in real time and categorize them automatically.

The SaaS solution, widely deployed in the temporary employment sector, enables agencies to know the availability of their temps in record time! Now developed for any other sector requiring rapid responses from the field, TIMEKO is the ideal tool for the operational management of your resources.

With over 2 million messages sent every month, TIMEKO saves users between 6 and 10h a week!

Easy to use

Time saving


H24 availability

TIMEKO vs. a traditional SMS operator

So why choose TIMEKO when you’re communicating with a large number of employees?


Classic SMS operator


Sending SMS

Two-way communication

Recipients can respond quickly to messages received, so that on-site agents can organize their operations accordingly.

Automatic categorization of responses

Automatic categorization of positive and negative responses enables users to allocate the right resources more quickly. Timeko's evolving dictionary allows users to adjust their understanding of expressions.

Multichannel by recipient and for the same mailing campaign

Responds to individual preferences for a higher response rate.

Different types of messages (closed questions, open questions, information...)

This flexibility enables the user to respond precisely to business needs. ​

SMS quota management by site and consumption control

Enables corporate headquarters or managers to frame, budget and control SMS expenses with granularity by site.

Creating message templates using variables

Allows users to reuse frequently used message templates, while personalizing each message individually with, for example, the first or last name of each recipient, a job reference, etc...

Managing replies to previous messages

Resolves confusion when several messages in a row are sent to the same recipient and the latter answers one of the questions.

Time savings measured in the temping sector

Between 6 and 10 hours per week per branch in recruitment to satisfy customer orders.


Why mass SMS?

Thanks to its bulk SMS sending system, TIMEKO messaging can have a real impact on a company’s communication with its field employees, suppliers, or temporary workers. With real-time response management functions and automated response categorization, businesses can handle their communication needs with great simplicity. The conversational aspect of the messaging allows for personalized “one-to-one” conversations or mass communications, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the limited sending quota and maximum SMS size are ideal for cost optimization, allowing companies to save money while continuing to provide high-quality service to their customers.

With TIMEKO, you can contact several hundred candidates in just one click!

When it comes to communicating with a large audience, the power and efficiency of bulk SMS sending cannot be denied, as opposed to individually reaching each recipient. Thanks to the ability to send bulk SMS, businesses, organizations, and individuals can save time and energy while effectively conveying their message.

By opting for bulk SMS sending, you can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of recipients with a few clicks. This allows for a streamlined approach to communication, ensuring that your message is delivered to everyone simultaneously. Whether you’re sending important updates, promotional offers, or event invitations, bulk SMS allows you to efficiently share information with a large number of people without the need for individualized and labor-intensive messages.

Furthermore, bulk SMS sending adds a professional touch to your communication strategy. It highlights your ability to administer and manage interactions effectively, showing your recipients that you value their time and prioritize clear and concise communication. This can have a positive impact on your brand image and strengthen your reputation as a reliable and effective communicator.

Bulk SMS is not only an effective means of communication but also a cost-effective one. Thanks to the ability to reach a large number of people at once, you can reduce expenses related to traditional forms of communication, such as printing and postage fees. Bulk SMS is, therefore, an appealing option for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to communicate effectively with their audience without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the benefits of bulk SMS sending are clear. By opting for this approach, you can save time, energy, and money while effectively reaching your target audience. The ability to send bulk SMS highlights your professionalism and enhances your brand image, making it a valuable tool in your communication arsenal. So, why send messages one by one when you can efficiently reach everyone with a single click? Harness the power of bulk SMS and elevate your communication strategy to new heights.

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