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Discover THE recruitment solution for temporary workers !

As a recruitment officer in the temporary employment sector, you will contact a large number of candidates to meet your customers’ requirements. You need to offer the best profile, and quickly, because the competition doesn’t wait!

Did you know that a solution exists to facilitate exchanges with your temps?

➡️ Discover your best ally: TIMEKO!

Easy to use

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H24 availibility

Why use TIMEKO in the temporary employment sector ?

For temporary staffing agencies, time is a critical factor. It’s essential to act quickly and efficiently to find the right candidate(s) as soon as a job opportunity arises. This is where the TIMEKO solution makes all the difference.

With a single click, you can send a TIMEKO message (SMS, email, WhatsApp coming soon) to all the candidates or temporary workers in your talent pool directly from your ATS. This message informs them of a job opportunity and asks if they are available and interested. The advantage of this approach is that candidates can easily respond to the SMS with a simple yes or no. The responses are then automatically categorized and displayed to the recruiter in real-time. Additionally, TIMEKO offers message templates that allow agencies to save valuable time. By streamlining their communication processes with TIMEKO, temp agencies can focus on what they do best: finding the right candidates to meet their clients’ needs.

More broadly, cost management is a crucial aspect of running temporary staffing agencies. The TIMEKO solution also enables agencies to better control their costs through sending quotas and limiting the length of SMS messages per agency.

With its innovative features, TIMEKO quickly becomes an indispensable tool for any temp agency looking to optimize its operations and stay ahead of the competition. So why not give it a try and see how it could benefit your business?

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